Some Specifics

Information Technology is a big area. VERY big. So where does Intrinsic Network Solutions fit within the overall puzzle? Well, here's some pointers to assist:

  1. If it's got or needs a Cisco Systems badge on it, we can help. Routers, Switches, Telephony, Contact Centres. Firewalls. Security. Collaboration. We've got real world experience in all of these and we are actively designing, implementing and supporting solutions in all of these areas.
  2. If it's wireless you're interested in; no problem. We've been doing enterprise wireless solutions for nearly 10 years so we're pretty good at explaining why WEP really doesn't cut it any more and how to deliver secure guest access to your visitors.
  3. If it's data centre consolidation you're looking at, this is something we've helped numerous clients with. Infrastructure provision, virtualization, storage consolidation, web server farm deployments, secure Remote Access and Enterprise Firewalling are all areas where we can help.
  4. Strategic IT planning, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. We've got a wealth of experience in developing, delivering and executing roadmaps for each of these.
  5. A current hot topic is moving IT services to the cloud. Various hosting companies will tell you that it is a good idea anyway. Whether it make sense or not has to be looked at on a business by business, application by application basis to understand if it's right for you over the short, medium and long term and we can assist you in the evaluation.
  6. If you need to find someone you can trust to support your infrastructure, look no further. Our dedicated in house support team have the skills and experience to look after you and your environment. We can also provision hardware and software maintenance for you too.

These are just some general pointers. If this all sounds interesting, and just as importantly a refreshing approach, please contact us and we'll demonstrate this to you.