Warwickshire based natural beauty brand launches

Leamington Spa based, natural beauty, start-up brand JKB Argent launches with its debut product 'Millionaire Hair Mist'

JKB Argent was founded by natural remedy pioneer Jas Braich who has made a business out of sourcing and blending ingredients found in nature to become powerful beauty tools. With a heritage of distilled alchemy knowledge passed on by her grandparents and her mother, Jas’s interest and passion in home remedies and beauty blends have developed into natural and beautiful potions which actually work.

Naturally Jas produces blends for herself, her family and friends and with a career honed in the retail pharmacy business Jas understands what works effectively, health and beauty worries customers have and is the go –to woman in her community providing sound advice on health and beauty worries.

With this knowledge and insight Jas created an apothecary business from her kitchen table providing natural, luxe blends in beautiful packaging.Founded by natural remedy pioneer Jas Braich, all products are made by sourcing and blending natural ingredients.

With a rich heritage of distilled alchemy passed on to her by her grandparents and mother, Jas complemented her passion and research into home remedies and beauty applications with skills honed in retail pharmacy. The brand has launched with its debut product, Millionaire Hair Mist (£35), a nourishing oil mist that offers a lightweight formula that softens hair, while acting as a foundation to protect the hair shaft against impurities.

The bottle and packaging takes its cue from the luxury Tom Ford fashion and beauty range, Millionaire Hair Mist not only smells divine but is proven to keep your hair shiny, soft and fresh.

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